For those who haven’t been under a rock for the past few years, there has been a large change in the climate in the black community. As a result, due to the increased desire to support black businesses, a need for a one stop shop directory was born. Well, let’s just say, because of the support of The Black Business Collective and NayMarie, I was able to help bring this vision to life with OurBlackWeb!

It took some time, but after a hectic run of figuring out the best solution, I was able to develop a site that could meet both form and function. Our Black Web is a complete mapped directory with directions to business locations via transit, car, bike, and walking! Subscribers can post events, jobs, search resumes, add photos to their profiles to represent their business and much more!

Most people during this continued time of black solidarity have found it difficult to find where the black businesses are that they would like to support. This platform now makes it easy to both find them and list new ones which you may come across so that the struggle of support no longer exists! This is truly a liberating experience and I am happy to have helped in this development. If you have the time you should check out the site, subscribe, share, and be sure above all to let us know of any new black businesses which you may come across or already know of so they may be added to the site!