In a long talked about project, Diane C. Bailey, stylist, advisor, and amazing media personality put in a request to finally have her project pushed through the gates, and who better to approach than little ol’ me?


After several meeting, travels, and deep thoughts, Diane figured it was time to finally move on to the next step… a full fledged blogged dedicated to her personality, talents, and travels. This was a full branding opportunity as the request was for Identity, Web, and Print Collateral. All of which, I was able to work out step by step to Diane’s approval. A look that combined tradition, class, and a hint of both her personality and modern sophistication was developed to give both a starting point and serve as a means to bridge the gap between online and web identities. How do you effectively connect the effervescent persona that is Diane with the methodical ways in which she styles and develops hair? Simple… check out the video below to see what we came up with!