Looking to finish out the remainder of 2015 with a bang, I have decided to start divvying out my products for sales on various other sites, and although I love plenty of them, there’s nothing quite like RedBubble!

It took some time for me to get comfortable with relinquishing SOME of the control over my products, but one thing I have learned is that people love options. As a result, I have pushed numerous designs not found on my personal site and displayed only on my Instagram, over to Red Bubble for sale!

Now, I can offer, phone cases, notebook and tablet skins, totebags, and tons of other accessories. Why not just sell through my own store? Well, my store will be focused on my print work and apparel, which will be developed with an even higher quality in mind.

This move is awesome for all of my supporters as well as myself. Be sure that if you are looking to purchase some cool, unique, and creative artwork and accessories for yourself and/or others, you check out my Red Bubble account here!