Hey guys I have some amazing news! I am currently in the process of developing and distributing more online class content! What’s the significance, well… this time, instead of one primary location, I will have 2 locations to help with getting your online learning fix!

As many of you already know, I am an instructor in Adobe Illustrator. I absolutely live and breath for vector artwork; however, recently I branched out my focus to other programs which have allowed me to strengthen my skill set in Adobe Illustrator and bring you an even more comprehensive set of tutorials. As it stands, you can find my latest How to Draw 2 Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator on Skillfeed (closing down September 30th) and Skillshare! Udemy will have my content up and running very soon!

Over on Skillfeed I had a whopping total of 62 courses, with over 1.5k students! Now you can shift all of your class needs over to my Skillshare platform. If you find any of these tutorials daunting you can also check out my older HowCast tutorials to get you up and running :) See below!


[howcast url=”http://www.howcast.com/videos/513760-how-to-get-started-adobe-illustrator/”]