Many of you may be aware that in November 2014, NYC held The Last Dragon 3oth Anniversary Celebration. It was an awesome event that even had a viewing of the movie on the big screen and if you missed it, well, you do have a chance to make up for that on March 21st in New Jersey and I will be there to sell some limited edition take aways!

The super talented and creative Demetrius Angelo over at the Urban Action Showcase and Expo has been working with Taimak aka Bruce Leroy in order to develop a series of stops across the United States which will bring the “In-Theater” experience of The Last Dragon to many of its much deserving fans! A lot of people were not able to make the NYC event, but it was a super experience and seeing it in the theater was unbelievable.

The event will take place Saturday March 21st, from 12:00pm – 5:00pm at Shaq’s Cityplex 12 Cinemas (360-394 Springfield Ave, Newark, NJ 07103) in Newark NJ! 973.642.5555

Big thanks to the UASE and TLD Ambassador Khalil Maasi for putting this together. As a sponsor of the original event and ongoing tour, I look forward to connecting with everyone who will attend!

Be sure to stop by, say hello, and pick up something when you visit my table!

Tickets can be purchased here:

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